Heidi's story of self-discovery to find her purpose, her passion, and her mission.





After graduating with a degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Asian/Pacific Tourism at the University of Hawaii and working for various companies in Hawaii and Japan, Heidi was unable to find a job and company that fulfilled a sense of purpose and freedom that aligned with her values.  At the age of 25, she decided to leave the ‘safety’ of the corporate world and become a freelance production coordinator to market the “true” Hawaii. Since 1995 she loved working with writers, photographers, producers, and directors to introduce and market ‘local’ Hawaii to visitors who wanted a ‘real’ taste of the islands by introducing Hawaii’s culture, personalities, restaurants, shops, and activities.  It felt like I had no choice but to make up my job on an island of “limited” companies. “One of my biggest fears was not having health insurance, so I figured out a way to not get sick was prevention. I did my best to stay active and take care of myself.”

In 2002 she got married, had kids, got health insurance and then her and her families health went down the drain.  “It was my youngest son’s diagnosis of pneumonia at the age of 2 and the doctor telling me that he would have respiratory complications for life” that her protective instincts kicked in to find solutions. She could not accept her son would suffer for the rest of his life and was sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Since that moment Heidi has been on a full-scale all-out self-
care journey for her and her family and hasn’t looked back.  
“More than a decade later, my health and my families as well
have turned completely around, and we are more connected
and love the discoveries we are making along the way.  
Although I am continuously working on upgrading my
health while having a very physically demanding career
flying, I love experiencing each stage of life and the
challenges and discovering the solutions that come with it.”


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