Journal your ideas & dreams✨

’Fascinating outcomes occur when we journal our ideas and dreams’

When we are in times of change and need to find a direction, journal your ideas and dreams for some fascinating insights.

Here are my top 3 tips for starting to manifest your new path.

  1. Jot down your dreams.  Dreams include nightly dreams and your day dreams.  The unconscious mind works intrinsically with the conscious mind
  2. Don’t worry if it makes sense or not. Just write whatever comes to mind.
  3. journaling includes sketches and images that words cannot explain.

This process will help to clear your mind of all the thoughts and ideas floating around.  Once these thoughts are out of your mind, these thoughts go out to the universe to figure out a plan.  Then be on the lookout for opportunities and signs.  Take cautious conscious action and keep aware of your feelings  throughout the process and note the self doubting voices and leave those behind.  Take a step and just keep going.  It should feel awkward and crazy at first with an exhilarating feeling at the same time.   Keep going my friends❤️

Check out my free 5 step morning routine that coincides with dreaming and journaling  on my website to get more insights on creating more time, freedom and health.

love and aloha,

heidi from hawaii🌈

Photo credit : Geralyn Camarillo - Da Photo Chick

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