Step our with curiosity and sand between our toes - Every day starts with a morning routine

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

Step our with curiosity and sand between our toes  -Every day starts with a morning routine -

On everyone's minds these days are probably what is going to come up next after the quarantines are lifted --  things you would like to do, people you want to see, places you want to go and what is life going to look like.

From my past experience of self quarantining my self for my 6 months after having my first child I can tell you that stepping out into a new world will take time and much getting used to being in the unknown and treading into unchartered waters.   Just know that waiting on the other side is a new world to discover with more treasures that we could ever imagine.

Like this period of 'social distancing', staying home with my baby I learned the concepts of cleanliness - sterilization and hand washing while handling baby and all their bottles and diapers and the power of the immune system.  Along with all this, a strange new sleeping schedule and not being able to work came a sense of loss of my former life as I knew it.  My life was being thrust in a whole new direction with new added responsibilities.

The quiet time spent at home gave me time to look contemplate what kind of future I wanted to create for myself and family.   Taking life day by day and making the most of each moment is the least stressful way to navigate and celebrating little accomplishments along the way gave into momentum to keep on keeping on.

One of the things that gave me a sense of normalcy and a sense of control was getting into a morning routine.  This routine set the tone of the day and ultimately for the years to come.    This is my gift to you here on my website.   Please take my morning routine  and see what makes sense to you and customize it to meet your needs.  This simple things are easy to do AND easy not to do.  The benefit of doing  the simple things over time is that it creates huge outcomes.  

Let's keep in touch and keep our toes in the sand and share what comes up for you on IG or FB.  I am always curious what works for others and love hearing new perspectives.  

Love & Aloha,

Heidi from Hawaii




Develop a powerful morning routine inspired by the same rituals that Heidi (and George 🐾) practice daily, that can radically improve your health and happiness!