What happens when we connect to nature?

Have you ever wondered what happens when we connect to nature and why we feel so refreshed afterwards?

After being 'limited' to going out these past months I found myself searching for opportunities to go out to spend time in nature and noticed  a huge effect to de-stress my whole being.   Going out meant simple things like watching a sunrise, breathing in morning air, cleaning the yard, watching the stars at night, a meal together with loved ones, walking the dog, a stroll around the neighborhood and even a drive to the grocery store with the wind blowing freely.  

Then I added going out for longer walks,  going to the beach for a surf or swim and deeper breathe to bring in more air to my cells.  From all these experiences I felt this special connection to the world and people around us that we humans need to feel on the deepest levels.

When we fully surround ourselves...

       In Nature we learn about the full power of the mind, body and spirit.

if a feeling of anxiousness, grumpiness,  or you are just in a funk.. focus on getting yourself surrounded by nature.  Try a walk in the mountains, go to the sea, explore a park, walk in a valley, surround yourself in wind,  or just deep breathe... be creative and find fun ways to play with nature.  We are not separated from this at all, rather we are part of this tapestry of life.  Its time to awaken the spirit within to find new solutions and opportunities in the new world unfolding infront of us.  

Take a dive and feel the colors of the waters of life.  This is our essence.  

Love and aloha,

Heidi from Hawaii





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