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Why the company we keep is one of the most important choices

Why the company we keep is one of the most important choices we have to make.

We have all heard we are the sum of the 5 closest people we spend our time with.  Over the years I have found this to be true and during times of reflection I can see why I cherish these two and my surf ohana so much.  

Raising a family is tough and when the kids were small either my husband Andy or I had to be on shore or at home with them.  It was what we had to do to make it work.  Now, that they are older I am so glad to have my surf partner back and expanded with my dear surf sister Sylvia who's kids are the same age.

"Surrounding myself with people who encourage me to surf has kept me surfing and is one of the most important choices I have made."

Life happens and if we don't take some time out to reflect and take care of ourselves on a physical, mental and spiritual level that's when things go array.  

We take turns to turn the spark on in each other with a...

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