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Creativity Is Intelligence having fun

creativity fun nature selfcare May 08, 2020

Creativity Is Intelligence having fun

Spending time in the ocean may seem like its my fun time, but in reality its my time to rev up my creative juices, allows my mind to wander to discover solutions and let go of stress that holds me back.

In this time of great change, remind yourself to find your fun... its usually something simple and small like in a game, a comedy show, a puzzle, spending time in nature, grow a plant ... whatever makes you smile.

We are intelligent creatures and now more than ever we need to tap deep into our creative nature to create the world we want to live in for us and for generations to come.

Please share what makes you smile.  That would make me smile AND did you know a 'Smile is contagious."

Love and aloha,

Heidi from Hawaii


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