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We are part of the tapestry of life

We are part of the tapestry of life...


Just had an AHA moment... I just really realized why I love being in the ocean playing with the waves and watching the signs and the signals of the currents, winds, tides, waves and it’s inhabitants.   Had my first encounter to be in the water to watch a monk seal swim by.  Such a peaceful feeling to watch him/her in their habitat and we could share in the joy of just being.  It stirred something deep within.

Seeing nature’s creatures in the natural environment up close just left me admiring the beauty of nature.   This was the spark to open my eyes that we humans are a part of this tapestry and have been fast asleep and when we are in our flow and in complete connection to Mother Earth we can reset and set our mind, body and spirit.   

The time has come to recognize our part in this tender cycle of life.  Be kind, be thoughtful and do good to others and keep doing our best to keep our...

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How to stay healthy while traveling


Being sick is no fun.  Sometime you may not be able to avoid getting sick but there are things that can increase the healing time or give you added protection by giving your body the support it needs so it can heal itself with lightning speed.  Here are my 5 top health tools while traveling for prevention.  Please share your health tools... there are so many tools available to us all and it’s good to know what is available because you never know when you or a loved one will need this information.

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Develop a powerful morning routine inspired by the same rituals that Heidi (and George 🐾) practice daily, that can radically improve your health and happiness!