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What happens when we connect to nature?

Have you ever wondered what happens when we connect to nature and why we feel so refreshed afterwards?

After being 'limited' to going out these past months I found myself searching for opportunities to go out to spend time in nature and noticed  a huge effect to de-stress my whole being.   Going out meant simple things like watching a sunrise, breathing in morning air, cleaning the yard, watching the stars at night, a meal together with loved ones, walking the dog, a stroll around the neighborhood and even a drive to the grocery store with the wind blowing freely.  

Then I added going out for longer walks,  going to the beach for a surf or swim and deeper breathe to bring in more air to my cells.  From all these experiences I felt this special connection to the world and people around us that we humans need to feel on the deepest levels.

When we fully surround ourselves...

       In Nature we learn about the full power of the mind, body...

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A Time for New Beginnings - ‘Hawaii for Locals’

Puamelia season is a time for new beginnings - Introducing ‘Hawaii for Locals’

In Hawaii, the puamelia represents love, birth, hope, spring and new beginnings.  In this time of great flux, it is important to tune in to the rhythms of the natural world around us for guidance.

A few years ago I co-authored a book called ‘Local Hawaii’ for the visitor market.  Today I am starting my new series ‘Hawaii for Locals’  to reintroduce special places, people and things to have locals fall in love with ALL parts of our islands.

One of my favorite time of the year to visit Koko Head Botanical garden is in May when the plumeria are in full bloom.  An early morning walk or late afternoon through the gardens will leave you in awe.   Don’t want to spoil the exploration because this garden is FULL of surprises.  So I won’t go into details.  You just have to experience it for yourself.

Take your time and listen to the...

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Creativity Is Intelligence having fun

creativity fun nature selfcare May 08, 2020

Creativity Is Intelligence having fun

Spending time in the ocean may seem like its my fun time, but in reality its my time to rev up my creative juices, allows my mind to wander to discover solutions and let go of stress that holds me back.

In this time of great change, remind yourself to find your fun... its usually something simple and small like in a game, a comedy show, a puzzle, spending time in nature, grow a plant ... whatever makes you smile.

We are intelligent creatures and now more than ever we need to tap deep into our creative nature to create the world we want to live in for us and for generations to come.

Please share what makes you smile.  That would make me smile AND did you know a 'Smile is contagious."

Love and aloha,

Heidi from Hawaii


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We are part of the tapestry of life

We are part of the tapestry of life...


Just had an AHA moment... I just really realized why I love being in the ocean playing with the waves and watching the signs and the signals of the currents, winds, tides, waves and it’s inhabitants.   Had my first encounter to be in the water to watch a monk seal swim by.  Such a peaceful feeling to watch him/her in their habitat and we could share in the joy of just being.  It stirred something deep within.

Seeing nature’s creatures in the natural environment up close just left me admiring the beauty of nature.   This was the spark to open my eyes that we humans are a part of this tapestry and have been fast asleep and when we are in our flow and in complete connection to Mother Earth we can reset and set our mind, body and spirit.   

The time has come to recognize our part in this tender cycle of life.  Be kind, be thoughtful and do good to others and keep doing our best to keep our...

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