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Support Local. Farmers Markets are Essential & FUN! Some tips by Heidi from Hawaii

Support Local. Farmers Markets are Essential and FUN!

If you are looking to get out and feel better, try adding in the freshest foods into your meals from your local farmers market.  These markets have a wide variety of local foods that are in season which gives your mind a challenge to be a bit creative.  Also, eating new foods opens your mind to new ways of thinking and brings a greater sense of appreciation.

Here are some of my tip:

  • Farmlovers Markets - in Kaakako, Kailua and North Shore is my favorite for shopping for locally sourced fruits and veggies and flowers.  They have a screening process for all vendors to make sure products are made in Hawaii.  Great for Hawaii made gifts too.  Also, food stands are great for take out too.
  • Manoa Farmers Market - a quiet neighborhood market with no crowds but with every basic fruit and veggie and even some orchids.
  • Chinatown Market - in Dillingham (where the Chunky Cheese's used to be) This market has the one of...
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