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A Time for New Beginnings - ‘Hawaii for Locals’

Puamelia season is a time for new beginnings - Introducing ‘Hawaii for Locals’

In Hawaii, the puamelia represents love, birth, hope, spring and new beginnings.  In this time of great flux, it is important to tune in to the rhythms of the natural world around us for guidance.

A few years ago I co-authored a book called ‘Local Hawaii’ for the visitor market.  Today I am starting my new series ‘Hawaii for Locals’  to reintroduce special places, people and things to have locals fall in love with ALL parts of our islands.

One of my favorite time of the year to visit Koko Head Botanical garden is in May when the plumeria are in full bloom.  An early morning walk or late afternoon through the gardens will leave you in awe.   Don’t want to spoil the exploration because this garden is FULL of surprises.  So I won’t go into details.  You just have to experience it for yourself.

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